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07 November 2011 @ 11:45 pm
Tv Talk !  
Time to talk avout tv shows !!!

I'm watching more shows than last year this season and I promised me in the past that I wouldn't do it again... But how can I resist it ?! Anyway, I'm gonna try not to much ``spoilers`` in this... 

The Good Wife is still one of my favorite shows, I liked pretty much all episode of season 3 ! One thing I know for sure now, the best episodes are the ones with a lot of Diane in it, seriously we need more Diane centric episodes. Eli is really great to this season (I adore Alan), pretty much everytime he's on my screen I found myself giggling like a little girl ! :) I love Alicia, don't get me wrong, but really, I'm not sure I'm enjoying  her character as much as I used to (not in a dirty way....), it would be better if we actually saw her and Peter interact with each other a little more. I know, the big thing is supose to be her and Will, but really even if I found it cute how Will seems to be head over heel in love with her, it's getting boring... (+ I'm not the biggest fan of the haircut....) And, what's going on with Kalinda, where the hell is she ? We barely see her !! :S
Anyway, I really adore this show !

Let's talk about Sanctuary now... :D Ok, this is also one of my favorite shows. This season is quickly becoming my favorite !!  Magnus is just... amazing, beautiful, bad ass.... I love how she really do seems to be a little different now too... I guess it is what happend when you get that old... :P Like I said, I'm gonna try not to tell to much but THE scene was really a good one, I knew Amanda wanted to go ``there`` for a while now and I was so scared that they would mess it up, but really I'm happy about this and I like that it wasn't made like it was a big deal...oh and jeez Amanda seems to know how to do it right !!  As for the other character, we got our James fix and it makes me realise how much I wish he was more present in the show... We also just got our Tesla fix, it was so good. :D Like I said the other day to pirateveronica Tesla is the biggest Magnus fangirl EVER. Tesla makes me so happy everytime he's on my screen ! Ok, I like Will, really, I do, but I just don't love him or hate him, I just seem to not really care about him and this is so not a good thing... but I'm enjoying Abby a lot more that I tought I would... :P Ok, now the thing I need is a Helen/John reunion, I ship those two so hard (weirdly even more since the premiere) and I just want to have more scene with them together. I like how we see Helen being so...different... when he is arround ! (I'm not gonna comment on every character because I seriously will never be finish...) 

Lost Girl is now a obsession, that's official I'm hook on that show. I'm a Bo/Lauren/Dyson shipper that's for sure ! :P But the character I'm really in love with in it is Kenzie, she's just so hilarious... I see so much people in her and some part of myself to it's crazy !! I told myself I wouldn't say that here but I wish we saw  a little bit more of Bo doing the nasty in season 2... It's the most natural and essentiel thing to for her... Anway, I'll definitly continue watching !

One of the new shows I'm falling in love with is Once Upon a Time !!! I don't know how to explain my adoration for it... It's fun how this show make me feel like a child and a grown up at the same time. Snow White is just such a kick ass, I love it, never tought I would ever say that !! Oh and how much do I enjoy the Evil Queen, Lana is playing her just so right !! I never tought I would love Jennifer Morrison in a role so much, I liked her when she was on House but never really cared about her character but in this... I'm really loving her and the white top with black bra combo !! 

I didn't tought this post would take me so long to write so I'm gonna stop here for now... Next I'll talk about the return of Bones, how I'm now able to see SMG as anybody else than Buffy in Ringer and what I think about season 3 of Glee.

So if any of you are watching shows I didn't talk about and you think I would enjoy it, just let me know !!  

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Hoshihoshinekoyasha on November 16th, 2011 09:58 am (UTC)
Kenzi and Hale B plots are awesome~!